Past WPF Championships

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From 2011, the WSC and WPC were combined into a one week event and held around October-November. They are still two Championships exclusive of each other but the hosts, website, etc. are the same so they are combined in the records too for simplicity. The Asian Sudoku Championship started in 2018 and is typically held at the start of the year.

Year Event
2020 ASC: Hyderabad (India)
2019 ASC: Pampanga (Philippines)
WSPC: Kirchheim (Germany)
2018 ASC: Jeju Island (Korea)
WSPC: Prague (Czech Republic)
2017 WSPC: Bangalore (India)
2016 WSPC: Senec (Slovakia)
2015 WSPC: Sofia (Bulgaria)
2014 WSPC: London (UK)
2013 WSPC: Beijing (China)
2012 WSPC: Kraljevica (Croatia)
2011 WSPC: Eger (Hungary)
2010 WSC: Philadelphia (USA)
WPC: Paprotnia (Poland)
2009 WSC: Zilina (Slovakia)
WPC: Antalya (Turkey)
2008 WSC: Goa (India)
WPC: Minsk (Belarus)
2007 WSC: Prague (Czech Republic)
WPC: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
2006 WSC: Lucca (Italy)
WPC: Borovets (Bulgaria)
2005 WPC: Eger (Hungary)
2004 WPC: Opatija (Croatia)
2003 WPC: Arnhem (Netherlands)
2002 WPC: Oulu (Finland)
2001 WPC: Brno (Czech Republic)
2000 WPC: Stamford (USA)
1999 WPC: Budapest (Hungary)
1998 WPC: Istanbul (Turkey)
1997 WPC: Koprivnica (Croatia)
1996 WPC: Utrecht (Netherlands)
1995 WPC: Poiana Brasov (Romania)
1994 WPC: Cologne (Germany)
1993 WPC: Brno (Czech Republic)
1992 WPC: New York (USA)