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    as many of you may already be aware, this year’s edition of the now traditional 24-hour puzzle championship will be held on the weekend of 9-11 November 2012. I have been given the honour of collecting the puzzle sets (14 of them is needed). Therefore I am looking for skilled and enthusiastic puzzle authors who could contribute with a set of puzzles. This topic is created to clarify what’s exactly expected and will be used as reference when communicating with authors – I intend this to stand for years to come, so it might be a little more detailed than experienced authors would need it to be.

    Each set of puzzles has to meet the following criteria:


    • Timing for each round, as usual, will be 100 minutes.
    • The winner of each round should be expected to score around 800 points. Rationale: this is designed to prevent anybody from finishing any of the rounds, as this competition is primarily one about stamina, there should be no extra time for sleeping (without losing points, of course!).
    • Puzzles should range in terms of innovation. We don’t want rounds where all the puzzle types are completely new. Rationale: we don’t want competitors to waste an overly amount of time reading the rules of new puzzles at 4am in the morning. Equally though, I would encourage to put in at least a few innovations or variations, so that even the best puzzlers are challenged out of their comfort zones. A good set will maintain a well designed balance on the novelty scale.
    • Puzzles should range on genre. Magic squares, pathfinders, arithmetics, crosswords, paintings, logic – just to name a few. Don’t stick with just one of these.
    • Puzzles would ideally range in terms of difficulty as well. Rationale: Having only insane level puzzles will probably set off some of the solvers, especially those scoring around zero in a round. Having a set full of very easy ones, however, will mean that you have to pack in a lot of them and that translates to increased marking time, resulting the event to possibly slip on schedule.
    • To my knowledge, there is no “24h Sudoku championship” in parallel. Therefore, (an appropriate amount of) Sudoku type puzzles will be completely acceptable.


    • WPC style scoring applies – perfect solution yields full points, anything else no points. Availability of any partial scores is discouraged and in any case must be clearly communicated prior to the event (as we need to educate judges).
    • Every puzzle score (including partial ones) should be divisible by 5. The last thing we judges want to do at night (besides sleeping) is having to do complex maths like 197+28 – sorry. 🙂


    • Each document, but especially the puzzle sheets should be using good quality graphics with appropriately sized cells and figures. Please do not use cells smaller than 1cm for the purpose of filling in numbers or letters. Paint-it-Black type colouring puzzles may be considered otherwise so that they fit on paper.
    • Do not include puzzles that require two pages. Please assume that printing will be one-sided and sets will be stapled.
    • Each deliverable listed below should be sent in PDF format. I am not going to make any changes to any instruction, puzzle or solution booklet, instead I will send them back to the author for revision in case of issues. Rationale: last minute untested changes are the perfect sources of subtle errors. These can frustrate solvers and judges (or both).


    • Instruction Booklet – should clearly indicate the description of all the puzzles, the scoring (including cases where there are multiple puzzles of a puzzle type and including available partial scores too), also the order of the puzzles. Description should be accompanied by example puzzle. Display both the unsolved and solved figures. Make sure that the example demonstrates all the aspects of the rules for that puzzle.
    • Puzzle Booklet – it is not a requirement to show the instructions and/or the example puzzles here too (but if you think it helps, you are welcome to include them). It is fine to pack multiple puzzles (even multiple puzzle types) onto a page, as long as solvability and size constraints (see above) are met.
    • Solution Booklet – no explanations required at all. Please ensure that the puzzle names are indicated, and the figure sizes are still good enough for the content to remain legible, though. Please try to ensure the solution figures appear in the same order as their respective puzzles in the puzzles booklet.


    If you intend to contribute with a puzzle set, please reach out to me as soon as possible. There are two ways to do this: either send me an email by 30 September (zonemeth [at] gmail [dott] com) or if you happen to be around at the upcoming WPC in Croatia, talk to me in person.

    Initial puzzle sets should be sent to me not later than 15 October. In fact, if you can send it earlier, it’s even better. If this deadline is too strict but you would be able to send a set slightly later (which is perfectly acceptable for example if you are away for a week, for example at the WPC), please again talk to me to agree on schedule.

    This timeline is designed for our test solvers to have ample time to verify each puzzle for correctness, unicity of solution, scoring issues, instruction ambiguities, etc.


    Are there any details about location and payments?


    according to the FB page of the event the location will be again Hotel Amadeus, Budapest.
    The fees are: 180 Euros in double room and 240 Euros in single room. 40 Euros discount goes to the puzzlemakers.
    For more details see



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