Types of Puzzles

All puzzles presented at a WPC/WSC are cultural — and language-neutral. For instance, puzzles based on logic, visual puzzles, puzzles with numbers. If words are used, it will be puzzles like fill-ins or word searches, where one does not need to know the meaning of the words.

English introductions to the puzzles will be handed out before the competition starts. There will be ample time to have them explained by an interpreter. Also, before competition starts, there will be a public meeting where all puzzlers can ask questions.

Four Winds

Draw one or more lines from each numbered cell so that each number indicates the total length of lines that are drawn from that cell, excluding the cell itself. Lines are either horizontal or vertical and connect the centers of adjacent cells without crossing or overlapping each other and the given numbers. (more…)

Easy As ABC

Place the letters given in parentheses into the grid so that each letter occurs exactly once in each row and in each column. The letters given outside the grid indicate the letters seen first in the corresponding direction. (more…)


Place some clouds into the grid. Clouds are in the shape of rectangles and squares, and at least two squares wide and two squares long. The clouds cannot touch each other, not even diagonally. The numbers outside the grid indicate the total number of cells covered by clouds in the corresponding direction. (more…)